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Need to Hire a Super or Project Manager?

Our experienced supers are ready to go!

How to Easily Hire the Perfect Construction Superintendent

Being a contractor, we don’t need to tell you the importance of due diligence during the hiring and onboarding process. Finding the “right super for the job” is the critical first step of every successful construction project. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with trying to hire the right super for the job, is the time involved reading resumes, verifying employment history, and then checking personal and professional references.


And how many times has a potential hire looked great on paper, but during the interview or Zoom call you begin to realize why this person is looking for a new employer? Or the real reason why they’re available during a construction boom? Yeah, we’ve seen that same movie.


Or, they look great on paper, they nail the interview, and then when you mention a background check is the last requirement, you either get crickets or ghosted? There must have been a double feature because we’ve seen that movie too.


All you can do is move on to the next best potential candidate, and repeat the process, right? Actually no; there is another option for busy contractors like you.


Streamline Your Superintendent Screening and Hiring Process

Unlike many other job boards and staffing services, we only deal with finding the best commercial construction supers and project managers for our contractors. Over the years, we’ve built a database of over 200 potential candidates, and our proprietary algorithm allows to quickly search for the specific skills and experience needed for your project.


Need a ground up super for that new shopping center? Looking for a super to handle a light remodel, or a shell build out? Got a public works (prevailing wage) project with a mold or asbestos abatement issue?


Instead of the scenario above, imagine spending 10-15 minutes filling out a simple two-page questionnaire and receiving a short list of the most qualified candidates available. After that, all you need to do is conduct a couple of interviews to select the right super for the job, and you’re done!


Our construction staffing experts thoroughly vet and verify each candidate’s


  • Construction experience

  • Completed projects

  • Certifications

  • Safety record

  • Insurability

  • Driving record

  • Employment history


And lastly, every candidate must pass a background check before they can be considered for placement with any of our contractors. Whether you need a super tomorrow, or next month, we’re here and ready to help.

Why Construction Professionals On Call Is Your Super(intendent) Solution

With over 100 years of construction experience, our team truly understands the needs of contractors like no other construction staffing company does. We don’t deal with any other employment position besides construction supers and PMs. No accountants, sales managers, or any other cubicle worker-types here. There’s no logistics specialists, dental hygienists, or food industry workers candidates in our database. We connect the best commercial construction supers and project managers with the contractors looking for their specific skills and expertise.


And while it’s true there are other construction staffing options available, most of them still rely on the “traveling superintendent” to fill these open positions. Unfortunately, this option means that the contractor is responsible for a lot more than just a paycheck such as:

  • Travel costs between their home and your location

  • Hotel/lodging

  • Meals

  • Local transportation (company truck or rental)


And let’s not forget the agency fee, which is typically based on the payroll plus the expenses above. Multiply those costs out over a 3 or 6-month project and you’re talking about some hefty additional costs.


Instead, we work to find a local super or project manager for your project so there’s no need for you to cover these costs. Because the candidate is local, they simply drive from their home to the project each day. No plane tickets needed. At the end of the day the simply go home and have dinner, and then rinse and repeat until the project is complete. No food or lodging expense.


Of course, sometimes a traveling super is the only viable solution. But by connecting local candidates to local projects, we typically save our clients 15 – 20% versus other construction staffing services. And because we work to find local candidates, some GCs use our super service to “test drive” a candidate before hiring them to a full-time position. And others have used our service to augment their current team, and sometimes even replace a current super who isn’t meeting expectations or timelines. Our freelance superintendent solution can reduce the number of salaried positions while lowering your direct labor overhead costs.


With CPOC, busy and growing general contractor firms can easily:

  • Take on more construction projects

  • Bid on larger and more complex projects

  • Expand your business footprint

  • Safely diversify into other areas of commercial construction


Having a superintendent and project manager solution in your back pocket minimizes your risk while dealing with the ebb and flow of the construction industry.


And since you’re already wondering:

  • Our candidates are discreet and confidential, meaning they fly your company flag, not ours. Give them a company t-shirt or hardhat and you can’t tell the difference between your regular crew, and our short-hire or freelance superintendent.

  • Our fees meet the General Conditions for most construction projects.

  • We handle the payroll, withholding, and insurance costs for our supers and project managers.

  • Our minimum super and project manager contract is 8 weeks. And we have not set a maximum contract length, so you can use our service for as long as you like.

  • Pricing commiserates with the level of skill, education, and expertise required for your project.


If you still have questions, check out our FAQ's below, give us a call or drop us a note.

  • What are the minimum requirements for your supers and project managers?
    Our minimum requirements for all our supers and project managers include: A legitimate work ethic 5 years of experience in a superintendent or project management role A verifiable work and project history Clean driving record Good communication skills Must be able pass a background check
  • Do you allow any exceptions to these requirements?
    No, and we urge our applicants not to apply if they don’t meet these minimum requirements.
  • We have positions to fill, how do we get started with CPOC?
    Simply fill-out the questionnaire (link to contractor page) and click the submit button. One of our team members will be in touch to discuss your needs in greater detail, and then we’ll find the perfect super or PM for your project.
  • How much does it cost to post our position with CPOC?
    There is no charge to submit a super or PM request. There are no fees until you decide to hire one of our potential candidates.
  • How much does it cost to hire a CPOC candidate?
    The fees do range based on the length of the hire, the type of construction project, and your requirements for certifications, and level of experience. A team member will discuss costs with you after reviewing your submission.
  • Who handles payroll for the CPOC super or project manager?
    CPOC handles the payroll, taxes, and insurance for our supers and project managers because they are employed by CPOC. We pay our employees via direct deposit every Friday afternoon before 3 pm EST. All our candidates are instructed to fly your company flag, meaning no one on the job will know that they aren’t your employee.
  • Can we offer your employee a full-time position?
    Yes! Once the contract period is over, you can choose to extend it or hire our candidate as a full-time employee.
  • What’s the minimum time frame for hiring a super or project manager?
    Our minimum contract is for eight weeks, and we haven’t hit a maximum time frame yet.
  • What types of projects can your supers and project managers perform?
    We have candidates for every type of commercial construction project. · Civil engineering and infrastructure projects · Tenant Improvements and remodel work · Ground-up new construction · High-rise · Industrial construction · Manufacturing · Retail · Prevailing wage projects
  • How did CPOC get started?
    As you already know, we’re contractors, too. Back in 2015, we had more work than we did superintendents, so we tried a couple of “construction staffing solutions” in the Tri-State area. When the first one didn’t work out, we tried another, and got the same inexperienced and unqualified applicants contacting us. We knew that we could do better, and in 2016 CPOC went into business.
  • How many supers or project managers like me have you successfully placed with contractors?
    Since 2016, we have connected dozens of supers and project managers with commercial contractors nationwide.
  • How do find such highly qualified supers and project managers?
    Many of our candidates find our website through search and have decided to go the freelance route to work on the types of projects they truly enjoy. We also use a proprietary search algorithm to find qualified candidates who haven’t found our website yet.
  • What makes CPOC different from other construction staffing options?
    The biggest difference is that we are contractors, so we understand the industry needs like no one else. And we only place construction professionals, we don’t deal with cubicle workers, warehouse staff, or retail sales positions.
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