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We Understand Contractors

Because we are contractors, too!

There are plenty of construction staffing services available today, the problem is that they don’t truly understand the industry or the qualities that contractors look for when hiring a super.


You see, we’re general contractors too, and we found ourselves in the same boat you’re sitting in today; we had plenty of work, but not enough supers to man every project. Just like you, we tried using several different construction staffing companies and the results were dismal at best. It was a complete waste of time and money.


What we learned is that most of these services are an offshoot of a traditional staffing model and use the same matching algorithm for virtually every industry, occupation, and job classification. The current construction staffing model needed a change, so we stripped the typical construction staffing model down to the studs, and after a large-scale renovation, we were ready to start helping contractors like you.


The first thing you’ll notice is that we specialize in the commercial construction industry. There are no residential contractors, cubicle workers, or pencil  pushing  desk jockeys in our database. Next, you’ll notice how thoroughly we vet and verify every potential super or project manager who applies for placement. And unlike many other agencies, a background check is a mandatory requirement of our super placement service.


Since 2016, CPOC has been the leader for connecting qualified and experienced supers and project managers, with the commercial general contractors looking to “find the right super” for their projects.

So, whether you need a super tomorrow or next month, or you're an experienced general contractor, supervisor or project manager looking for new opportunities, let us know via our contact page or simply give us a call.


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