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Short Notice Construction Pros Available Nationwide

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Project Management

Experienced and Vetted Commercial Superintendents, Project Managers & Estimators - Available for hire Next-Day, Next Week, or Next Month

The commercial construction industry has always been known for its volatility. One day you’re wishing the phone would ring, because you’re paying out those superintendent salaries and benefits whether they work or not. And then the next day you wish the phone would stop ringing because you just don’t have enough supers available for all your projects; let alone finding, hiring, and onboarding a new super for the contract you just received.

Like you (yes, we’re contractors, too!), we tried several different construction staffing platforms, but the results (potential candidates) seldom matched up with our specific project needs, required experience, and necessary certifications. After riding the construction staffing roller coaster, we knew somebody needed to create a short-hire solution to deal with the ongoing construction superintendent shortage, once and for all. In 2018, our management team put their  100+ years of construction expertise to work and began matching qualified and experienced supers with contractors on a project-by-project basis.

The result was a true win-win.

Commercial GCs can now easily and quickly hire a super when needed, without carrying the financial dead weight of another full-time employee. Supers can now pick-and-choose the projects they work on, based on their availability, location, and level of experience.

Today we have supers available nationwide for every level of commercial construction.

•    Light remodel
•    Shell build out
•    Tenant Improvement
•    Ground up
•    Multi-story
•    High rise
•    Civil projects
•    Public Works (prevailing wage projects)

Whether you hire a traveling superintendent or a local freelance super via our service, you can count on every candidate from Construction Pros On Call to be a great match for your project needs. All our construction superintendents and project managers have been thoroughly vetted via background checks and verification of both employer references and construction experience.

So, whether you need a super tomorrow or next month, or you're an experienced general contractor, supervisor or project manager looking for new opportunities, let us know via our
contact page or simply give us a call!


To streamline the hiring process for everyone, we handle all insurance and payroll services for our supers and project managers.

•    As a general contractor, you’ll  receive a single monthly itemized bill for each super or project manager.
•    Supers and project managers are paid weekly (bi-monthly) by ConstructionProsOnCall.

Registration is completely free for supers and project managers looking for their next project, and for general contractors needing to find an experienced super or project manager for their next project.

If you still have questions, check out our dedicated pages and FAQ's for general contractors, or for supervisors/project manager's. Most importantly, we always welcome your calls and email - so please don't hesitate to reach out!


Tim Makarius

Managing Partner

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